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Tasty and Therapeutic: Unveiling the Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pup

Tasty and Therapeutic: Unveiling the Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pup

Tasty and Therapeutic: Unveiling the Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pup

Your furry friend is prone to daily stresses caused by loud noises, old age, or separation anxiety. As a pet owner, one of the priceless gifts you can offer your pet dog is an opportunity to live a healthy life free from anxiety, stress, and diseases.

Are you worried about how you can achieve that? Don't stress, here's at Paw Origins we've got you covered! Here, we'll review several best CBD dog treats for your pup that you can choose from for your pet.

The Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pup - For Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Overall Well-being, and AllergiesThe Best CBD Dog Treats for Your Pup - For Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Overall Well-being, and Allergies

CBD is being used in products for pets suffering from anxiety, arthritis, pain, inflammation, and allergies and for the overall well-being of dogs. CBD are Different types of CBD dog treats are available online or from a local store. However, most of the products contain small amounts of CBD and the quality is not standard.

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The determining factors when buying are:

  • Safety of the product
  • Price
  • Appropriate formulation based on age, health, and size of your dog
  • Accessibility (ease of purchase and administration)

Paw Origins'  Happy-Furever™ ChewsPaw Origins' Happy-Furever™ Chews

Happy Furever clinically approved, high potency full-spectrum CBD oil and chews have shown effectiveness in dealing with anxiety, inflammation, and mobility problems.

Each Happy-Furever™ Chews bag contains 30 pieces and 600 mg of remarkably high-quality CBD oil.


  • 100% organic and non-GMO with industry-leading assurance
  • Relieves joint and muscle pain, and reduces inflammation as it increases the quality of body tissues
  • Promotes longevity and a healthy immune system
  • Provides a relaxation effect on anxious and stressed dogs
  • High-quality product guaranteed by a Third-party Certificate of Analysis
  • Non-psychoactive – contains THC levels less than 0.3% and is thus approved by experienced veterinarians.

In terms of pricing, Paw Origins is known for providing high-quality CBD pet commodities at fair prices.

Pet wellness is significant to us therefore we ensure that the products are accessible to all pet owners.

CBD products: chews, oil

CBD type: Full spectrum CBD

Third-party lab tested: Yes

Innovet CBD Dog TreatsInnovet CBD Dog Treats


  • These treats are produced from full-spectrum CBD oil and contain no THC as per the certificate of analysis.
  • Are good for offering a calming effect to your dog


  • Despite being CBD dog treats, they are more like traditional treats as they have little efficacy and take much longer than CBD oil to kick in.
  • The cost is a bit high considering 125 mg costs about $24 and has a maximum strength of 25 lbs. The greater the efficiency, the higher the price of the treats.
  • They come in only one flavor – cheese and steak.
  • Shipment of Innovet treats can only happen within the USA.
  • Does not give information on contamination tests.

CBD products: chews, oil

CBD type: Full spectrum CBD

Third-party lab tested: Yes

Lazarus NaturalsLazarus Naturals

Apart from CBD Oil, Lazarus Naturals has healthy CBD soft chews in its range.

Pumpkin digestive health CBD chews are unique treats for abdominal inflammation and related digestive issues.

Some of the ingredients are as follows: pumpkin powder, virgin coconut oil, molasses (inorganic), curcumin, and salmon oil (inorganic).

Each of the treats contains 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD and other organic ingredients.


  • The prices are exceptionally low.
  • It has USDA certification and third-party testing.
  • There are added beneficial ingredients in the chews.


  • Doesn't have various flavours.
  • It's only full-spectrum CBD.
  • Has a single potency bag size chews and oil
  • Not totally organic. If you want 100% organic CBD treats for your dog, then Lazarus Naturals is not your top choice.

CBD products: oil, softgel

CBD type: Full spectrum CBD

Third-party lab tested: Yes

Austin and KatAustin and Kat

This is the best CBD dog treat for aging pets.

The formula aims to boost elderly dogs' cognitive and emotional well-being. This is evident by the ingredients contained in the treats, such as holy basil, reishi mushroom, bilberry, turmeric rhizome, and hawthorn berry.

The chews for elderly dogs are made from broad-spectrum CBD but contain other active and inactive ingredients.


  • A raw extract of broad-spectrum hemp
  • Various supplemental ingredients included


  • Additional ingredients are not disclosed.
  • Uncertain of contaminants since the certificate of analysis doesn't show. As pet owners, this information is critical to determine whether the product is safe to be consumed by your dog or not.
  • Has a single size and potency.

CBD products: oil, soft chews

CBD type: Broad spectrum hemp oil

Third-party lab tested: Yes

Charlotte's WebCharlotte's Web

This organization offers allergy support chews for your dog. The treats are chicken flavored and are said to help in relieving skin allergies.

The chews contain 5 mg of full-spectrum CBD (hemp) component.

They are small in size thus making them easy for smaller dogs to chew. A big dog will require more chews to achieve the desired outcome.

The chews are packed in count bags. 30-count goes for $20 while 60-count sells for $35.

As a full-spectrum hemp, there may be traces of THC. We recommend products that have zero THC for your dog's health.


  • Suitable for small dogs
  • Relatively low prices
  • NASC certified


  • May contain THC
  • Has weak potency with only 5 mg per treat
  • The certificate of analysis is not publicly shared
  • Not much research on the additional ingredients – nettle leaf, burdock root, biotin, and marshmallow root

CBD products: soft chews, oils, gummies

CBD type: Full-spectrum CBD

Third-party lab tested: Yes

Honest PawsHonest Paws

This product is all-natural and uses non-GMO ingredients.

The product is safe and effective for the therapeutic benefit of CBD dog treats.

Honest Paws' CBD pet products help pets deal with overall well-being, skin allergies, mobility, stress, and anxiety.

CBD products: soft chew, oils, treats

CBD type: Full spectrum CBD

Third-party lab tested: Yes

Seeking the best CBD treats for the overall health of your pet? Find out more about Happy Furever™ Chews now!

Conclusion on CBD TreatsConclusion

CBD offers a wide range of health benefits to your dog once introduced to the body system. However, too much CBD has some negative side effects and this calls for the administration of the right CBD dosage. How much CBD to be used depends on factors like the dog's weight, age, or health conditions.

You can use this
dosing chart or consult your vet on suitable CBD pet treats or oils for your pup. If you need holistic therapy in the form of CBD chews to give your pet a calming effect, soothing pain, reducing inflammation, and dealing with stress and anxiety - then Happy-Furever™ is the best choice. Check out: "CBD Dosage Chart for Dogs".

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