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About Dr. Kathryn Dench, MA VetMB

About Dr. Kathryn Dench, MA VetMB

About Dr. Kathryn Dench, MA VetMB

A Letter From Dr. Kathryn Dench

If you're looking for ways to alleviate your dog's chronic pain and anxiety, and if you dream of rediscovering the joy of engaging in your favorite activities with your canine companion, I want to reassure you: you're at the right place.

I became a veterinarian with one mission: to better the health, and well-being of animals through my unique vision of holistic care, nutrition, and medicine. 

I believe I've uncovered some groundbreaking insights into animal health and welfare. My philosophy prioritizes prevention over cure, challenging traditional methodologies that have not always catered to the best interests of animals.

I firmly believe that with appropriate care and attention, many of the health challenges our cherished animals encounter can be lessened or even eliminated.

Despite being a graduate of the esteemed Cambridge Veterinary School, where I delved deeply into veterinary medicine, I can confidently say that the answer isn’t simply found in pills and synthetic medication.

If you've been searching for solutions and feel at a loss, know that there's a brighter path forward. I'm here to guide you towards a healthier tomorrow for your beloved pets, starting today! 

"Something Amazing Is About To Happen"

For close to 2 decades, I have devoted myself to veterinary science, helping treat and care for beloved animals in private practice and volunteering at local shelters. My experience spans the medical care of various animal species, ranging from common ones, like dogs and cats, to the more exotic ones, such as chickens and chameleons.

Dr. Kathryn Dench On Discovery Channel

In 2011, driven by my deep commitment to wildlife conservation, I worked with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, focusing on orangutan rehabilitation centers. Our primary mission was to prevent the spread of contagious diseases that jeopardize these endangered primates and to devise potent strategies for their protection.

Additionally, I've been honored to serve as a Veterinary Advisor for various orangutan rescue endeavors, with the Orangutan Appeal UK being a prominent example.

The Modern Canine Problems

In my recent years of working with dog owners, I've been struck by the concerning patterns in canine health— from declining life spans to the rising number of dogs exhibiting anxiety and chronic inflammation.

Numerous dog owners, on the verge of despair and after consulting their veterinarians, often found themselves handed yet another prescription for their pets. Unsatisfied with ‘conventional answers’, this forced me to explore holistic and long-term remedies independently.

My journey into alternative wellness strategies paved the way for my direct involvement in creating formulations that have since benefitted thousands of dog owners.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

For instance, when it came to tackling problems like anxiety, vets hand out anxiety medication like candy in a candy store. The problem with anxiety meds is that just by looking at the label, you will see a long list of side effects, reliance, and health problems.

This includes worsening anxiety due to the ‘rebound effect’, where a dog’s anxiety returns worse after the medication wears off.

What many dog owners don’t know is that many of these medications work like ‘immobilizers’. They give the illusion of calm, but they are addressing the symptoms and not the root cause.

It’s like turning off the fire alarm but not putting out the fire. 

However, my in-depth exploration of the 'endocannabinoid system' and its role in anxiety revealed promising potential in influencing a dog's behavior. 

And I know… because I have seen these transformations first-hand, from helping anxious rescue dogs suffering from debilitating anxiety due to past trauma and years of bad conditioning.

As soon as we addressed the endocannabinoid system, they became more responsive to new conditioning and training, allowing their owners to alleviate their anxiety and truly liberate them.

Dr. Kathryn Dench Smiling

My Mission at Paw Origins

This is why I have decided to join Paw Origins, and I take immense pride in our efforts here. We've successfully helped thousands of dog owners. Our aim is ambitious, yet we're resolute in our mission to decrease the count of anxious dogs in America by 50% come 2030.

Our strategy hinges on education and a holistic approach to wellness centered on long-term health and well-being.

This is why I became a veterinarian. A desire and passion for helping our beloved animals - those that have no voice, silently suffering and being misunderstood. It took me years of working with these tough cases to make these new discoveries, and I want to share them with you.

You see, between working with patients at my private practice, and flying across the globe to advise for wildlife conservation, I know my reach is limited. While I’d love to, it would be physically impossible for me to work with every dog owner on a 1-1 basis.

I knew I could help more people by providing small, easy steps that anyone could take to improve their dog’s health at home. You can take action on these simple discoveries that have been life-changing for many others, right away.

With that said, welcome! I’m honored to have you here and it’s my pleasure to be able to help guide you and your beloved animal to a happier future. 

Dr. Kathryn Dench, MA VetMB
Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS)
Chief Scientific Advisor to Paw Origins


  • Works as a small animal veterinarian in private practice, and as a clinical advisor.
  • Specialized interest in primates and endangered species, working as a veterinary advisor to several Orangutan rescue initiatives.
  • Skilled in veterinary medicine, epidemiology, animal welfare, clinical data management and biodiversity.
  • Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the United Kingdom
  • Helped thousands of dogs find relief from anxiety and chronic inflammation through collaborative work with Paw Origins.