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Our Mission

PawOrigins is a company passionate about cultivating the best quality pet products that will improve the wellness of your furry friends. We believe that every pet deserves to live their life to the fullest potential, to age happily and healthily.

Did You Know?

The Average Lifespan of Dogs Has Come Down From 11 Years To 10 Years In Just a Decade.

Arthritis Can Be Found In 20% of Dogs Before Their First Year, & 80% of Senior Dogs Over Age 8.

Researchers Have Found That 72.5% of Dogs Surveyed Display Anxiety-Like Behaviour.

About 53% of Adult Dogs Are Obese Or Overweight, Leading To Other Health Complications.


It's Time We Protect Our Dogs

How is it that with rapidly advancing technology, canine health is declining? We dug deeper and were shocked to uncover the cruel truth: the pet food industry is rife with corruption.

Chemicals, fillers, and additives - our precious pups are unknowingly being fed toxic store-bought junk. As dog lovers, our hearts ache for their suffering.

Our Commitment

At PawOrigins, we believe in complete transparency, honesty, and using scientifically-proven formulas. Our ingredients are carefully selected, endorsed by veterinary professionals, and thoroughly tested for quality, safety, and optimal results. We're here to help you and your dog create timeless memories together, for as long as possible.