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Paw Origins Refer-a-Friend Program Terms & Conditions

As a member of the Paw Origins Refer-a-Friend program (a “Referrer”), you are subject to Paw Origins’ Terms of Use and Paw Origins’ Privacy Policy (both available on our website), as well as the following additional Terms & Conditions for Paw Origins’ Refer-a-Friend program:

Referrers. A Referrer is an existing Paw Origins customer who joins the Refer-a-Friend Referral Program. Upon joining, the Referrer is given a unique link (“Referral Link”) leading to unique page for new customers (“Referral Page”). The Referrer can share this Referral Link with potential new customers (“Referred Customers”). All pages have a 30 day cookie, so any sales with your link can be attributed automatically to you.

Referred Customers. The Referred Customer, who is different from the Referrer (e.g., cannot be the same person with a different email), is someone who received the Referral Link from the Referrer and, after signing up on the Referral Page, receives a discount code. The Referred Customer must not be a previous customer of Paw Origins.

Qualified Referral. A Qualified Referral occurs when a Referred Customer makes a purchase at Paw Origins' website via the provided link. Referrers earn a reward for each unique Referred Customer; repeat purchases by a Referred Customer do not qualify as additional referrals.

Referral Rewards. To earn a referral reward, both the Referrer and the Referred Customer need to complete a purchase on the Paw Origins website.

Reward Payments. Rewards are issued as virtual gift cards or discount codes redeemable on Paw Origins’ website. Referrers are responsible for any tax liabilities resulting from Referral Rewards. Multiple discount codes cannot be combined in a single purchase.

Reward Limitations. Referrers receive a discount code for their next purchase, while Referred Customers can use their discount code on their first order.

Eligibility. The Refer-a-Friend Program is open only to individuals. It cannot be used by businesses for affiliate lead generation, as determined by Paw Origins.

No Spam. All participants must adhere to current “SPAM” laws. Emails should be personal, and bulk email distribution is discouraged. Unsolicited commercial email or "spam" under any applicable law is prohibited and may lead to account termination and exclusion from the program.

Account Closure. Paw Origins reserves the right to close accounts of Referrers and/or Referred Customers if they misuse the program, breach these Terms & Conditions, or violate any laws or regulations.

Program Changes. Paw Origins reserves the right to cancel the Refer-a-Friend Program or modify these Terms & Conditions at its discretion. Unclaimed referral rewards will be forfeited at that time.