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a senior dog and a puppy

From Puppies to Seniors: Tailoring CBD Dosage for Dogs of Different Ages

From Puppies to Seniors: Tailoring CBD Dosage for Dogs of Different Ages

Dogs won't tell you how they feel when you give them CBD, and because you are desperate to make them feel better, you may accidentally give them too much CBD.

If you want your pet to get the full benefits of CBD, you have to give the right CBD dosage. From puppies to seniors, how many milligrams of the good hemp plant you give your fur baby will make a great difference.

dogs of different agesWhy Should You Tailor CBD Dosage for Dogs of Different Ages?

Tailoring CBD dosage for dogs of different ages is important for it to be efficient. A puppy's dosage will differ from an older dog's dosage, just the way baby medicine dosages differ from adult dosages.

As humans age, so does their medication change to become efficient. The same applies to dogs. When puppies are born, they weigh less, have a fast metabolism, and also grow fast, hence the need to give them appropriate daily CBD dosage.

Factors to Consider When Determining CBD Dosage for Dogs

Let's consider some of these factors that make dosing for different ages important.

a puppy and a senior dogThe Dog's Age

Age influences various aspects of your pet dog's well-being, including mood, metabolism, digestion, and overall comfort. This can affect how they process and respond to CBD.

For your senior dog, the aging process brings about changes in behavior and anxiety levels. They become more anxious and sensitive to changes in their environment.

You may need to adjust the daily
CBD dosage to help them cope with the anxiety and discomfort that comes with aging. Read about "Top 5 Reasons Veterinarians and Dog Owners Choose CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief".

For your adorable puppy, it is advisable to wait until they have transitioned off puppy food before introducing any CBD-containing products. To avoid unwanted effects, gradual CBD dosing adjustments guided by your veterinarian are key for both age groups. Check "CBD Dosage Chart for Dogs".

a dog being weighedThe Dog's Weight

A key factor that veterinarians consider when determining the CBD dosage for your dog is its body weight. If your fur baby weighs between 2-20 pounds, a dosage of 1-5 milligrams is generally recommended as a starting dose.

If your furry friend is in the 21-45-pound weight range, then the recommended starting dose increases to 5-15 milligrams. This adjustment accounts for the larger size and weight of medium-sized dogs.

The dosage goes higher for dogs weighing between
46-85 pounds, who will benefit from a dosage range of 15-30 milligrams. For the heaviest dogs weighing between 86-150 pounds, your vet will likely recommend starting at 30-60 milligrams.

Recommended Starting Dose of High-Quality CBD

Existing Health Conditionsa sick dog

Is your fur baby having health conditions that warrant being monitored closely? If your answer is yes, then this will affect the dog's CBD dosage your veterinarian prescribes.

The quality of the CBD oil you purchase for your dog is crucial. Find out more about Happy-Furever™ now.

a dog being given cbd oilHow Much CBD Oil Should You Give Your Dog for General Well-Being?

Whether it's a dog treat with CBD or CBD oil, knowing how much CBD to give your pet is important for their general well-being. CBD helps your pet cope with anxiety, pain from arthritis or cancer, seizure control, nausea reduction, and reduces inflammation.

Check out "Dog's Arthritis Aid: Unveiling CBD Oil's Benefits" and "CBD Oil's Supportive Potential in Dogs' Cancer Care".

It is important to pick the right CBD product with the right CBD dosage for dogs. Fortunately, most CBD oil bottles have a labeled dropper that can help you administer the appropriate CBD dosage to your fur baby.

CBD dog treats and soft chews also have the dosage written on the package. Adhere to it at all times.

Remember, the milligrams we discussed earlier concerning body weight and dosage apply here, too. So, look at the CBD dosage chart carefully so as not to overdose or underdose your dog.

a dog being given CBD OilWhat are the Best CBD Products for Your Dog?

Before you buy that CBD product, make sure it is high-quality for it to be effective for your pet companion.

The following are some of the things you should look out for when purchasing CBD oil or chews:

High-quality CBD

As health-conscious pet parents, you don't want to buy CBD pet products with high THC levels, as these can be toxic. Buy high-quality pure dog CBD as with THC levels at 0.3% or below.

Whether you're buying from a brick-and-mortar store or online, ensure you buy from reputable sellers. Cheap, low-quality CBD may contain contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, or harmful additives.

Third-party Tested

Look for CBD products that have undergone third-party testing. You can ask for a Certificate of Analysis to ensure you are getting the best products for your pet.

Full-spectrum CBD Products

Always opt for full-spectrum CBD products, as they contain a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant. This will help ensure your fur baby gets the full overall therapeutic effects through the entourage effect.

Best CBD products for dogs:

  • Oil/tinctures
  • Dog treats
  • Capsules

What to Do When Administering CBD Dosage for the First Time

a dog in vet clinicConsult Your Veterinarian

Before you give your pet CBD products, first consult with your veterinarian. They will examine your dog and check its health records, breed, and weight to prescribe the right CBD regimen.

a dog holding the hand of the ownerMonitor Your Pet for Any Effects

Record your pet's response to the CBD dosage you administer. Record their energy levels, sleep patterns, mobility, and pain relief, and adjust accordingly if you don't notice any difference. Lower the dosage if you notice your pet is groggy.

Key Takeaway

Knowing the optimal dose for your pet will enable them to get the greatest benefits. Calculate how much CBD you should administer to your fur baby based on vet instructions and the dog's age, weight, and health.

Choose high-quality CBD products that clearly show how many milligrams of CBD are in a dropper so that you can know how much to give your canine companion for the best outcome.

Need high-quality CBD with a clear dosage? Try our Happy-Furever™ CBD Oil for dogs!

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