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Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

CBD Oil for Dogs: Safety and Effectiveness Explained

CBD Oil for Dogs: Safety and Effectiveness Explained

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

The use of cannabis-derived products has gained popularity over the last few years. The cannabis plant family species (marijuana and hemp), contain two major components; tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the primary psychoactive component that causes intoxication or euphoria (a "high" feeling) while CBD does not.

CBD has numerous potential health benefits. Government institutions have recognized its importance and have approved CBD products for the treatment of certain disease conditions in humans. For instance, the FDA and NICE have approved the use of CBD products for the treatment of seizures in humans.

The potential benefits of CBD to humans make it an attractive option for pet owners to use on their pets.

This article will help you understand the usage of CBD oil for dogs and explain its safety and effectiveness in your furry companion.

What Is CBD Oil?

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Although CBD is an essential component of the marijuana plant, CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant (a cousin of marijuana) due to its low THC content or else synthetically made in a laboratory. Marijuana refers to cannabis plants containing more than 0.3% of THC while hemp contains not more than 0.3% of THC.

Hemp-derived CBD is the recommended type for the production of pet CBD oil.

There are two main types of CBD extract – full-spectrum CBD and broad-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains various naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts including terpenes, other cannabinoids, and up to 0.3% THC. 

Since a full-spectrum CBD extract contains some THC, can dogs have THC drops too? No. Dogs shouldn't have THC drops or THC-containing products because THC in high doses is toxic for pets.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain various cannabis plant compounds but are mainly free of THC.

CBD isolate is the third form of CBD. It is a pure CBD form that does not contain any other cannabis plant compounds.

Extraction of CBD Oils

The different ways of extracting CBD from a cannabis or hemp plant include:

  • Carbon dioxide extraction – popular and produces high-quality CBD oil
  • Steam distillation – also popular but less effective than the carbon dioxide method.
  • Solvent extraction – effective but can leave behind solvent residue, raising health concerns
  • Lipid extraction – an alternative extraction method that is gaining popularity

Efficacy of CBD Oil for Dogs

Efficacy of CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system to help maintain your dog's health and body balance. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their cerebellum than humans which increases the efficacy of CBD in their bodies.

CBD has been used as an option for the treatment of chronic conditions, especially where the cause of the condition is unknown.

CBD oil for dogs has proved effective in the following areas:

  • Pain management. There is evidence that CBD effectively relieves chronic pain such as osteoarthritis, allowing dogs to be more comfortable and active.

  • Epilepsy control. Colorado State University has been conducting studies on the use of CBD for epilepsy control in dogs. A recent clinical study concluded that CBD can be used concurrently with conventional seizure treatment remedies to manage canine epilepsy.

  • Controlling itchy skin. CBD can be used as a supplement in conjunction with other drugs to reduce pruritic behavior in dogs such as scratching with canine atopic dermatitis.

  • Cancer treatment. CBD alone has been studied and confirmed to have anti-neoplastic (cancer cell limiting) properties. Its combination with standard cancer therapies has yielded positive results though more research is required to understand its interactions with traditional chemotherapy.

  • Anxiety/stress control. There is some evidence supporting the use of CBD as an intervention for acute or chronic stress in dogs. CBD alleviates stress arising from car travel and separation anxiety.

  • Anti-inflammatory properties. Although only a few studies have evaluated CBD's therapeutic efficacy in dogs, CBD is seen to be effective in reducing inflammation, especially in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Tolerability of CBD for Dogs

Whether you're administering CBD as a single dose or a long-term daily CBD dosage, be assured that the CBD is well-tolerated in dogs. Many pet parents aspire to give CBD to their dogs but don't know the correct CBD dosage for dogs. Here is a dosing chart to help you administer CBD correctly and safely for maximum benefits.

Studies have shown low bioavailability (0% to 19%) of CBD when administered in powder or gelatin capsules but higher bioavailability when administered in CBD-infused oil.

These studies prove that CBD oil is a well-tolerated substance in dogs that can be used long-term without adverse effects. So, is CBD oil ok for dogs? Yes, CBD oil is okay for use in dogs due to its high tolerability and potential health benefits.

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Safety of CBD for Dogs

CBD has been rumored to have side effects on the liver but more research is required to substantiate such claims. To date, there are no known dangerous effects of CBD in dogs. Some dogs may experience minor gastrointestinal issues and sleepiness.

So, is CBD oil safe for dogs? We say yes. Pet owners can relax knowing that CBD oil is not harmful to dogs even if you exceed the recommended dosage. It is well-tolerated and highly effective.

Only an unrealistic huge amount is required to become lethal. Studies have not shown adverse effects even in long-term dosages.

Generally, CBD oil will only have similar side effects to ordinary cooking oil in your dog. Health concerns to consider when administering CBD is its interaction with other prescription drugs.

CBD as a Supplement

CBD is commonly given as a supplement formulated into various pet CBD products. These include CBD dog treats, capsule supplements, CBD chews, or in oil. The earliest way that pet parents offered CBD to their dogs was in CBD food supplements but other ways are also becoming popular.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, supplements are not approved by the FDA and thus various CBD brands may differ in quality and consistency.

How to Choose a CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD calming drops are a full-spectrum CBD hemp oil for the management of anxiety and situational fear. There are numerous CBD products available but not all are suitable for your dog. Some may contain significant amounts of THC which can cause intoxication in dogs. This might be the case if the CBD product is derived from marijuana instead of the hemp plant.

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While CBD pet treats are a convenient option for pet parents, studies show that oral CBD products are not as effective as CBD oils.

When searching for high-quality CBD oil for dogs, purchase it from a reputable company that adheres to good manufacturing practices. Things to look for include the following:

  • Certificate of analysis, CBD: THC ratio, terpenes, heavy metals analysis, herbicide/insecticide testing, microbial testing, extraction method used, and a complete ingredient list.
Buy CBD as a liquid. CBD is available in treats and other forms but an oil or tincture is the best way to administer CBD to dogs.

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Conclusion: CBD for Dogs Is Safe and Effective

CBD is the second most prevalent compound in cannabis plants after THC. CBD lacks the psychoactive effects exhibited by THC and has numerous health benefits for humans, dogs, and other animals.

CBD oil for dogs is safe and effective in the management of various conditions such as pain, anxiety, inflammation, skin, and chronic diseases.

CBD Happy-Furever™ Oil is a great CBD product your pet can try. It is a full-spectrum hemp extract that is 100% natural and organic with less than 0.3% THC. Happy-Furever™ encourages a healthy immune system and longevity.

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